Underage consent FAQ

My parent did not receive the email, what now?

Here are some common reasons why they might not be receiving emails:

  • The sender doesn’t have the correct email address: Make sure before requesting parental consent that the email is valid and that your parent or legal guardian has access to it.
  • Emails are marked as SPAM: To avoid this, you should check if any emails from people you know are getting moved to your SPAM folder and, if so, mark them as safe.
  • Not allowing enough time: In most cases, email does go through very quickly but sometimes it can take a few minutes or hours to get through so always allow enough time before chasing it up.
  • Connection problems: Make sure that you are connected to the internet and that your connection is stable.

I don’t live with my parents/have no way to contact them, how do I verify?

Unfortunately, international regulations and legislation mandate the request and capture of parental consent when processing sensitive data from users under the age of 18. As such, it is key to the verification process and eligibility of your account that either your parents or, if contact is not an option, your legal guardian provide consent to the processing of your biometrical data with the purpose of verifying your account.

I’m under 13, why can I not verify?

This Site is intended solely for users who are 13 years of age or older. Any registration by, use of or access to the Site by anyone under 13 is unauthorized, unlicensed and in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

What happens if my parent's email expires?

Once parental consent has been requested, an email to your parent/guardian is sent and they have 24 hours to reply to it. If they didn’t have enough time to get to it, worry not! You can request consent again at any time.

My parents do not have an email address, how do I verify?

A valid email address is required for the consent to be sent to your parent or legal guardian. There needs to be written proof of the service/access they are providing consent to and if they do now have an email address, it is strongly encouraged that they create one with their provider of choice before continuing with the process.

There was a typo in the email address that I provided, what do I do?

If you spot a typo, the email hasn’t arrived after a long time, or if you have sent the request to the wrong email address, there is a retry button that will allow you to resend the consent request. Please, bear in mind that only one consent request can be active and is valid simultaneously, using the resend functionality will void any previous requests.

It says my parent's email is invalid

Invalid email addresses are email addresses that cannot or should not receive emails. For example, invalid emails that cannot receive emails include:

  • Incorrect formatting, like typos and syntax errors
  • The email address doesn’t exist
  • The mailbox is full and therefore cannot receive incoming mail
  • The mailbox is blocked by its service provider

I received a network error, what does that mean?

There have been some internet issues and we weren’t able to process the parental consent being granted. Make sure that you are connected to the internet and that your connection is stable before retrying.

I was flagged for identity verification required and it was removed because I was underage at that time, am I now required to verify my account?

Although Identity Verification is an opt-in program, this process has been put in place to allow underage users to verify their accounts by having their parents/legal guardians consent to the processing of their biometrical data for that purpose. However, past and future underage users who are required to verify their identity due to their account being flagged will be required to go through the Identity Verification onboarding process by requesting parental consent first.

You can learn more about Verification by visiting the ID Verification support articles and, in particular, the Verification FAQ.

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