What is FACEIT Anti-cheat and how does it work?

The FACEIT Anti-cheat is the ESL FACEIT Group’s game security software, designed to ensure the highest level of community integrity on our platforms. 

The FACEIT Anti-cheat consists of:

  • An application that runs when you are playing one of our protected games (like CS2);
  • A kernel mode driver that is loaded at boot
  • A server-side SDK that ensures communication between the client and server happens in a trusted and secure manner.

All of the components of the FACEIT Anti-cheat have been developed in house, with both game safety and personal computer safety being our priority. We have made this commitment through extensive testing, strict access control policies and by reviewing the product both internally with our employees and externally through our responsible disclosure policy and HackerOne Bug Bounty program.

Our commitment to safety includes our commitment to data privacy. Our Anti-cheat has been made with EFG’s commitment to data protection, and we worked closely with our legal, data privacy and compliance departments to ensure it adheres to local data protection laws. Specifics of what data we collect and how we process it are available in our Privacy Notice

In our latest versions of the FACEIT Anti-cheat, you are given more control over the driver operation. In particular, you can go to the Anti-cheat tray icon and choose “disable driver”. This will allow you to unload our driver without uninstalling the Anti-cheat. Please keep in mind that if you do disable the driver, you will be asked to restart your PC before being able to play any of the games we protect.

The FACEIT Anti-cheat also requires Windows Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 to work when you are playing on FACEIT.com. Requirements may differ if you are using the Anti-cheat version already integrated within a game not playable on FACEIT.com. In order to enable them, please follow our guides: TMP & Secure Boot on Windows 10 and How to Enable TPM 2.0.  

The FACEIT Anti-cheat will also inform you clearly about which vulnerable drivers it has identified on your system, and will provide you with a link on how to disable them. Please click on the link provided with the error message to resolve your issues.

The FACEIT Anti-cheat collects game play and anti-cheat data in order to detect cheating and is active only when a supported game is running. It ensures the fairness of our competitions and safety of all our players.

The FACEIT Anti-cheat is available for Windows 10 and 11. A mac and Linux version are not currently available.

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