The history of the FACEIT Anti-cheat

In 2016, we introduced the FACEIT Anti-Cheat with the aim of tackling the rampant issue of cheating in CS:GO matches on our platform, which at the time, was the primary concern for our users.

Since its inception, it successfully turned our platform into a bastion against cheating providing the CS:GO community with a place where the probability of running into cheaters is the lowest. The progress was groundbreaking, as cheating dramatically dropped from being the number 1 concern, voted by 70% of our players in 2016, to the 8th issue on the platform, voted by only 5% of our players in 2022.

Millions of our players have installed it, and even today, hundreds of thousands of daily users continue to place their trust in it. They play their matches with peace of mind, confident that when an opponent executes a great play against them, it's not due to cheating, as the match is safeguarded by our Anti-Cheat.

After gaining worldwide recognition, the FACEIT Anti-Cheat was selected by some of the world's largest esports organizers to provide an unmatched layer of security to the most prestigious CS:GO online and offline LAN events, including CS:GO Majors, which are some of the largest events of the year in esports. The news of its success resonated throughout the gaming industry and set the stage for other companies and publishers of some of the biggest FPS games to implement similar kernel-level anti-cheat solutions, to shield their players from cheating.

Today, the FACEIT Anti-Cheat safeguards numerous games across the gaming industry, aiming to build a more trusted community and preserve the integrity of your matches, one download at a time.

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