What is deemed to be a cheat?

Using the following is deemed to give an unfair advantage and thus will be considered unacceptable and will result in a platform ban:

  • Cheats/Hacks (including skin changers, cheat loaders/drivers)
  • External scripting/macros designed to gain an advantage over other players (e.g. No recoil script, ...)
  • Use of any exploits to bypass the Anti-Cheat protection
  • Use of any (game) exploits to gain an unfair advantage (e.g. removing textures to see through walls, removing smoke grenades, ...)
  • Attempts to debug or modify the FACEIT Anti-Cheat
  • Usage of the Anti-Cheat inside a Virtual Machine
  • Usage of any methods/software to evade previous bans

Use of such cheats, hacks and third party software is not permitted on FACEIT as part of our Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy and FACEIT ANTI-CHEAT Software End Users Licence Agreement.

The following programs/modifications are safe to use and will not trigger a ban:

  • VibranceGUI
  • Game font changes
  • Game config changes (.cfg)
  • Simple radar
  • Timer Resolution
  • Intelligent standby list cleaner
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