What can you win in FACEIT Matchmaking Season 2?

What’s new for season 2?

For FACEIT Matchmaking Season 2, we have added $100,000 directly into the Elo Rankings. The players with the highest Elo in each region will receive the following prizes. 

  Europe North America South America
1st $25,000 + FPL Trial $20,000 + FPL Trial $5,000 + FPL Trial
2nd $10,000 + FPL Trial $8,000 + FPL Trial  $2,000 + FPL Trial
3rd $5,000 + FPL Trial $4,000 + FPL Trial $1,000 + FPL Trial
4th $2,500 $2,000 $600
5th $2,000 $1,750 $400
6th $1,750 $1,500 $300
7th $1,500 $1,250 $250
8th $1,000 $750 $200
9th $750 $500 $150
10th $500 $250 $100

In the event of a tie of Elo, the player with the highest win rate will receive the higher value prize. If that fails to resolve the tie, then the player with the most matches will receive the higher value. If that is still inconclusive, then the players will split the sum of the tied prizes.

FPL Changes

The top 3 non-FPL players in each leaderboard will also qualify for a trial in the prestigious FACEIT Pro League! 

We want the path to FPL to be as simple as possible. There was an abundance of amazing upcoming talents in our Season 1 leaderboards, and if you can perform at the level of donk or m0NESY in our matchmaking, then you definitely have the raw talent that deserves a chance in FPL to play with some of the finest pro players and talents out there.

Soft Elo Reset

All level 10 players experienced a soft reset of their Elo. All players will retain their current positions in the Elo ranking ahead of the Season 2 race.

As a reminder, we are soft-elo resetting level 10 players at the beginning of every new FACEIT Matchmaking Season to create a fresh and exciting grind for the prizes, with every player having to prove why they deserve to be at the top and to win their share of $100,000!

How much Elo will be reset is highlighted here.

FPL Proving Grounds

The first edition of FPL Proving Grounds will be hosted as planned between the 26th of February and the 3rd of March but will be discontinued moving forward as we wanted to simplify the FPL qualification path further and reallocate the prize pool to our Elo rankings to further reward the top players, especially after its success in Season 1.

We heard your feedback that the FPL Proving Grounds format was too complicated to follow. On the other hand, there were many stories and an incredible battle in our Season 1 Elo rankings which attracted many world-class professional players like m0NESY, blameF, and Spinx, as well as the best upcoming talent in the world like donk.

After the latest product updates tackled Elo abuse on the platform and as cheating drops to an all-time low on FACEIT, we feel extremely confident in the fairness and the legitimacy of our Elo ranking to put directly $100,000 in it and reward the world’s best matchmaking players across the EU, NA and SA regions.

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