Improved Elo Formula FAQ

I played one game under the new formula and it says I earned or lost a really low number (e.g., 5 Elo) or a really big number (e.g., 50 Elo)!

A small number of users may experience a visual bug that incorrectly lists their Elo before and after their first game under the new system in their profile page. We are actively working to resolve this issue. After the first game, your Elo display will normalize, and the visual bug will not persist after that first game. Rest assured that your actual Elo calculation remains accurate.

How does the new Elo formula affect players at different levels?

The new Elo formula only impacts accounts that are level 1-9. Accounts that are level 10 will not be affected by this change.

I’m not seeing any difference in my Elo earned with the new formula

For the majority of users in the majority of games, the Elo earned will see little to no variation from what was earned previously. This is because the new system is designed to make small adjustments based on notable in-game performances, not adjustments every game where you slightly over or under perform.

For example, always going for saves or getting kills that don’t impact the round (e.g. baiting your team and losing a 1v5, but getting one or two kills before dying) are not going to notably impact your performance, and may be more likely to result in a loss will cause you to lose Elo.

It's important to remember that the core part of the Elo system remains unchanged: you earn Elo by winning and lose Elo by losing. Team performance and victory are still the primary factors in determining your Elo changes. The new formula simply adds a small layer that recognizes and rewards individual contributions within the context of team success.

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