Does FACEIT Anti-Cheat work in CS2? 

Anti-cheat will continue to protect your experience on FACEIT with CS2 like CS:GO. If you have AC installed you will not need to do anything in addition to ensure it works in CS2.

If I am a new player to Counter-Strike can I play FACEIT? 

Newcomers to Counter-Strike are indeed welcome to play. We provide a competitive environment for Counter-Strike matches. However, it is important to be aware that FACEIT is characterized by a notably competitive player base, composed of individuals with considerable experience and skill. Consequently, if you’ve never played CS and in particular an FPS, you might encounter challenges upon initial matches. Our platform closely aligns with that of high-level competitive play. Although the initial stages might be challenging, it's important to understand that you can become proficient over time through consistent practice.

How do I play with my friends who are below my level?

Even though we are introducing party Elo restrictions in the Premium queue, this is still a wide range ( as we continue to work on this feature). You are still able to play with players within 800 Elo of yourself.

How do I win prizes in FACEIT Season 1?

By qualifying for FPL Proving Grounds. The top 125 match-making players at the end of the season will be invited to Proving Grounds. This is the finale of FACEIT season one and all future FACEIT seasons.  

Where can I see the top Challenger Players?

Challenger ranks are visible within the rankings page in the sidebar on FACEIT. Those with Challenger rank will have their badge show in place of the skill level 10 badge in matchrooms and on their profile.

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