Creating a tournament

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Creating a tournament

Players can create and have one upcoming/ongoing tournament at a time. Official organizers can schedule and run several tournaments simultaneously. 

STEP 1: Organiser: Open the create screen on your organiser page
STEP 1: Player: Open the create screen from the left menu bar


STEP 2: The create tournament screen will ask you for the main tournament settings.

  • The GAME, REGION and MATCH TYPE can't be modified after the tournament has been created.
  • The Start date/time can be modified until the competition has started.


STEP 3: Editing your Tournament: After you created your tournament, you can customise the settings to fit your requirements. This is done via the “Settings” button on the right hand side of your screen.
You can also update the tournaments cover image by clicking the “camera” icon at the top left of your screen.



Main Settings



    1. Publish
      This setting should be used when your tournament is fully set up, and ready to be displayed to the public. You will still be able to see unpublished tournaments.Screenshot_2017-02-23_16.13.18.png

      TIP: Anyone with the link can still view the tournament. You can prevent teams from joining from the Invite only setting.

    2. Game (not editable)
      (not editable)
      (not editable)
      Currently, we only accommodate single elimination brackets. Further formats will be available soon. 

      Game, region and tournament mode can currently not be edited after tournament creation. If you want to change these settings, you will have to delete the current tournament and create a new one.

    3. Tournament Details
      In this section you can edit the tournament name, description, change the start date and time, as well as edit the check-in time of your tournament.

      TIP: Tournaments that start, but don't have enough teams, are automatically cancelled.

    4. Check-in time The length of time before the tournament starts in which a team has to confirm their slot for the event.

      Please note: Teams that have not checked-in thirty (30) minutes before the event starts, will be removed from the tournament. If they wish to participate they must then sign up again. This gives teams a chance that didn't manage to join the competition before all slots were taken.

    5. Game preferences

      Anti Cheat (AC) client
      Here you can select if you want to have the FACEIT AC client enforced on your tournament and how many team slots you want your tournament to have.

      Please note: FACEIT currently allows players to create tournaments of up to 32 team slots. Official organizers may create tournaments of up to 1024 team slots. Please contact your competition coordinator to increase your tournament size limit. 

    6. Auto-loss on no-show
      Partner Organizers are able to use the Live Issue System (Ticket System) to manage competitions. When enabled, any team that does not vote or join the server in time, will receive and automatic disqualification. If disabled, all AFK teams will need to be disqualified manually from the Live Issue System to advance the tournament to the next round!

    7. Deleting your tournament
      Should you wish to delete your tournament for any reason, you can do so by clicking the “Delete Tournament” button at the bottom right on the “Main Settings” page.

Advanced Settings

    1. Joining Requirements
      When enabled, the invite only feature allows you to invite players to your tournament. The players need to be on your friends list.

      We also have an option to limit the the maximum skill level of teams who can join. The max skill level is determined based on the average skill level of all players on the team.

    2. Countries allowed

      If you are a regional organiser and want to restrict your tournament to one or several countries, you can limit the tournaments to the regions you specify. The region is checked when joining the competition based on the player's actual location, NOT the user's country in the account settings.


      Example: Let’s say you’re an organizer based in Germany who wants to limit a tournament to only allow German teams to participate. You would write the name of the country, “Germany”, in the countries allowed field and save the settings. You could also select Europe and remove some countries from the list.

    3. Voting preferences 

      Here you can select the server locations and maps that will be available in your tournament.

      Note: The CS:GO map pool we currently have available is: Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Cache, Train, Overpass, Cobblestone and Season.

    4. Voting time
      Please note
      that the voting time is reset for every vote, therefore it’s best to give them the 15 min so that they have time to prepare for the match.

    5. Round Schedule
      In this section you can choose when each round should start, this makes it easier for you to stream matches or host a tournament over multiple days.

      TIP: Once the tournament started, the admin tool allows you to change the schedule of  individual matches.

Prize Pool

    1. Official Organizers only: If your organization received Faceit Points (FP) for the prize pool, you will be able to set the prize. You can select how many positions will receive a prize. Prizes are paid out after the last match of the competition was played.

      Please note: Places 3-4, 5-8, 9-16, ... are aligned in prize payout, so make sure you calculate carefully when you set your prize.
      Once set, the tournament slots and prize distribution cannot be changed. Please reach out to your competition coordinator to make additional changes to the prize pool or number of slots. 
      Cancellation of your tournament will automatically refund any points you have added as a prize.

Competition Rules

    1. In this section you can create your own rules for your tournament.
      You can create different templates to use for different tournaments and games by clicking “New” or Copying an existing ruleset. Remember to click SET to select the ruleset for the competition. 

Admin Roles

    1. Here you can add other users as admins to your tournament.
      The creator of the tournament will have full access to the competition.
      A senior admin can edit a tournament settings. The “Admin” role can only access Live Issue and Match management.





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