Creating a tournament

How do I create a tournament?

  1. Log into FACEIT
  2. From the tournaments menu, click the  image_2222.png icon


  3. Next, select an existing organizer or create one


  4. Select the game, region, tournament format, game mode, and add the tournament name


  5. Hit Create to generate the tournament 

After creating the tournament, you won’t be able to change the game, allowed join regions or tournament format.

Getting ready for sign-ups and start

  1.  Work your way through the settings pages.

    ✔  If necessary, increase the number of teams allowed to join the tournament

    ✔  Adjust the Join open time (so players can join the tournament)

    ✔  Set round times (so players know when they will play) 

    ✔  Set join criteria(such as country limitations, FACEIT level, etc)

  2. Enable visibility by listing the tournament (from the tournament settings menu).

  3. Share the tournament URL through your channels (such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter)

  4. You are all set 💪

    Once the first round time starts, the bracket and matches will be generated.

Settings in detail

Setting up the tournament join settings

Setting up the tournament schedule

Setting up the match configuration

FAQ Creating Tournaments


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