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Want to close your account? 

Accounts on FACEIT do not get deleted, we simply offer you the option to deactivate your account

Why can I not delete my account?

Anything that has been greyed out on your account fields is done so in order to provide proper security to your account or to prevent players from circumventing our policies in regards to our Terms and Conditions, Ban Policies, and the Subscriber Agreements to the games we currently host on our platform.

I still want to deactivate my account

Before we do this can you please consider if you you actually need something changed on your account instead of deactivating. 
If you have made a new account and are trying to add your information from your old account this is not possible and we ask that you just tell us what changes you would like made on your current account so we may be able to help you

  • Game accounts can not be removed from profiles in order to prevent circumvention of our policies, and to uphold the Game providers User Agreements on our platform.
  • Name changes are now handled through our Shop : - Change my Nickname
  • Email changes can be done by going here on your account.
  • Unfortunately elo/stats resets are not possible you can read more about this here.

If none of the above apply and you would like to deactivate because you either don’t want to use our service anymore or you would like to create a new account with a new Steam ID then send in a ticket and our Support Team will do this for you



 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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