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How to Earn Pins & Badges for Your FACEIT Profile

Pins and badges on FACEIT are a great way to showcase your achievements and involvement in the gaming community. Pins are awarded to users who participate in specific events like the Community Clash, while badges are granted based on memberships and subscriptions with FACEIT or a Hub. Here's a guide on how to earn these pins and badges for your FACEIT profile.

Participate in Events:

  1. To earn pins for your FACEIT profile, keep an eye out for special events organized by FACEIT. Events like the Community Clash or other tournaments offer participants the chance to earn exclusive pins. Follow FACEIT's social media channels, visit their website, or check your notifications to stay updated on upcoming events. Participating in these events and performing well will increase your chances of earning pins.

Verify Your Identity:

  1. To earn badges on FACEIT, consider verifying your identity. Verified users receive a special badge on their profile, which adds credibility to their account. Verification involves providing some personal information and submitting relevant documents to confirm your identity. This process helps ensure a safe and fair gaming environment on FACEIT. Look for the verification option in your account settings to get started.

Subscribe to FACEIT or Hubs:

  1. Another way to earn badges is by subscribing to FACEIT or joining a Hub. FACEIT offers different subscription plans that come with exclusive benefits, including badges. Subscribing to these plans demonstrates your support for the platform and grants you access to additional features like priority support, premium tournaments, and more. Similarly, joining a Hub and subscribing to its services may also provide you with unique badges related to that specific community.

Remember that pins and badges are rewards for your achievements and contributions to the FACEIT community. They are a symbol of recognition and can help you stand out among other players.

Keep an eye on events, maintain an active presence, and take advantage of subscription and verification options to maximize your chances of earning pins and badges for your FACEIT profile. Good luck and have fun!


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