How can I pause my league match?

Technical Pause:

You must type “!pause” during freeze time to pause the match. Both teams have a total of 10 minutes each, which they can use for technical breaks. Their unreasonable use may be considered as deliberate interference in the course of the match and as a result lead to the suspension of the players. You can use "!pause" to unpause the match once you have resolved the issue. The remaining time can still be used later in the match..

Tactical Pause:

You must use an in-game call timeout feature to trigger a 30-second tactical pause. Each team has 4 tactical pauses to use during one league match. After 30 seconds, the game will be automatically unpaused.

To use the in-game option to take a timeout, you need to:

  1. Wait for the "freeze-time" to start

  2. Open the game menu (usually by pressing the "Escape" button on your keyboard)

  3. Select "Call Vote" (third from top)

  4. When expanded, choose "Call a Tactical Timeout"


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