How can we change the Captain of our league team?

To update the Captain of your active league roster, you need to assign the admin role of the premade team to the new captain. Once this action is completed, the new captain will be designated for both the premade team and your ESEA League roster simultaneously.


Team Leader Mutiny:

For the other team members, in order to forcibly change the leader of a team, at least 65% of the current roster who have played in at least 30% of the team's matches for the current season (or 30% of the team's matches from the prior season if no matches have yet been played) must agree on a new leader. Matches that have been forfeit will not count toward a player's minimum number of games. In order to classify as a player in a match a participant must have played in a single round of any match. For example, if a competitor played in a single round in a team's first match and then another single round in a team's second match for the purpose of a leader change they would have played in two matches.

In the event that a team has no matches last season on the roster and no matches played this season (for example a brand new Open team) then each player that has paid a league fee shall be treated as an eligible voter. For divisions without a league fee (eg South Africa Open) each paid League Pass member shall be treated as an eligible voter. Upon joining a new roster a player is no longer eligible to vote for a leader change in the original team.

Each eligible voter needs to make a support ticket and provide a link to the team and who they wish to take leadership of the team.

Once the process has been started, anyone banned one of the following bans cannot count as an eligible player:

  • Cheating
  • Ban Evasion
  • Malicious Activity
  • Account Sharing

If a player is cut or forcibly removed from the roster, they are eligible to vote for a period of no more than 7 days.

Once a vote has been completed then there is no going back. If a player wishes to change the leader back to the original leader or to a new player then it will be treated as an entirely new vote.

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