Secure Boot needs to be enabled to launch FACEIT AC

If you have this error message when starting the Anti-cheat, you will need to enable Secure Boot in your BIOS. Do the following at your own risk, we are not responsible for any issues with your PC.

Please read this article from Microsoft about enabling Secure Boot.

If you have still have this error and Secure Boot shows as enabled in your BIOS, then it is not actually enabled. You can verify this by starting msinfo32 (System Information), which will show "Secure Boot State: Off".

Some motherboards will require more than just setting "Secure Boot" to enabled. Secure Boot only works with GPT partitions, so if you are still using MBR, you will need to convert it first. The following suggestions might help you, depending on your motherboard brand:

- Secure Boot should be set to "Windows UEFI Mode" on ASUS motherboards, it might be called "Standard" on other motherboards.

- If you can select between "UEFI" or "UEFI with CSM", make sure to select "UEFI"

- Gigabyte: set CSM to "Disabled", then you can open the "Secure Boot" menu. After opening it, set "Secure Boot Mode" to "Standard" and "Secure Boot" to "Enabled".

- If that all of the above is correct and it still does not work, you might need to use the "Reset/Restore factory keys" option

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