"Forbidden driver" error message and blocked drivers

The FACEIT Anti-Cheat is blocking certain drivers that contain known security vulnerabilities. Some may be installed by hardware monitoring/control software (Motherboard, GPU, ...). We cannot support these drivers as they are commonly exploited by cheats and malicious software. We recommend removing these drivers from your machine in order to keep it secure.

If you need to use the software being blocked, please make sure you update it to the latest version. If there is no newer version available, please contact the developer of the software or replace it by another which provides the same functionality and is not blocked.

If you are unable to launch the Anti-Cheat due to a "Forbidden driver" error, please restart your PC. This will block the driver and allow you to run the Anti-Cheat.

In the rare cases when restarting does not solve the issue, you should be able to identify which software installed the driver by searching for its name on Google or another search engine and uninstall it.

Common issues

Audio driver blocked with Apple Boot Camp

Cirrus Logic drivers provided with Apple Boot Camp may not be up to date and may be blocked. This can be fixed by downloading the latest version of these drivers from Cirrus Logic.

MSI Dragon Center

The latest version of MSI Dragon Center is fully compatible with our Anti-cheat. Please uninstall the currently installed version and download the latest version from MSI website if the auto updater is not working.

MSI Afterburner

The latest version of MSI Afterburner is fully compatible with our Anti-cheat.

AMD/Nvidia Pixel Clock Patcher

We only support official graphic drivers, drivers patched with AMD/Nvidia Pixel Clock Patcher will not work as they are not signed with a proper digital certificate.


Please uninstall Lenovo Accelerator Application to fix this issue. This application is not safe for your computer and even Lenovo recommends uninstalling it.

edevmon.sys & EpfwLWF.sys

Please update ESET to the latest version or uninstall the old version installed.


Please update AOMEI Backupper to the latest version or uninstall it.


Please update your Micron NVME SSD drivers.


Please update EaseUS software to the latest version or uninstall it.

The name of the driver is random and changes after each reboot

If you have Lenovo PC Manager which is only available in China, this is likely causing the issue. You will need to uninstall it if you want to run the Anti-cheat.

There is no driver name after the error message

This usually means that your PC is infected by a rootkit. You can try to use Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit to remove it.

keyboard.sys and mouse.sys

These drivers are installed by Interception and need to be uninstalled:

cd <path to the directory where you extracted the files>

then again

cd "command line installer"

  • Then run:

install-interception.exe /uninstall

  • Restart your PC and interception should be uninstalled.

If none of these solutions work for you, we would kindly ask you to get in touch with us via this link and our dedicated CS team will assist in getting you up and running: Contact Support


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