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Need an update to your name or want to reinvent yourself? 

Changing your nickname is very simple and can be done as often as you like! Simply head over to our shop from this link. As you can see it will only cost you 1000 FACEIT points! 


We must advise that creating a new account with a new name is not the way to go as you can not transfer your game account linked to your current FACEIT profile.

The best and most enjoyable way is to play and win points in our Daily ladders or in our cups or subscribe to our Leagues to win points. You can also invite ten friends for 100 FACEIT points each. Please let them know they must register an account and a game on our platform without navigating away in order for you to get your points from the invite.


Premium nickname change

You can also update your nickname free of charge using your premium subscription. You will be entitled to a premium name change once every three months. To do this, simply go to your account settings, and edit your 'Username'.

Please note: This only works with a premium subscription, and not a game specific subscription.


Freeing up nicknames

If a name you wish to use is already in use on another account you can contact support and we can look to free up the name.

Please search the name you would like to update yours to using the search bar on the website to check if it is available.

We will release the name only if the account currently using the name has 0 games played in the past two years. If games have been played on the account in the past two years then the name will not be released. 

The same name using different capitalization cannot be released if games have been played. Please check if other accounts are using the same name with different capitalization before requesting us to free up the name.

You can also win points very easily by completing Missions! To learn more about Missions you can read our FAQ here. 


 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email



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