Winline Mission FAQ

Why can't I register a new account from RU?

There isn't anything in place preventing players from RU from creating an account. If you're having trouble, you should contact FACEIT Support with specifics to be assisted. 

How can I recover my FACEIT account? 

If you are seeking to recover your FACEIT account, please contact FACEIT support with specific account details. 

Why won’t my FACEIT and Winline account link?

You are able to link your account on the Missions page and under ‘account integrations’ 

Please ensure you are following the correct steps for linking accounts as per the guidelines provided by both platforms. 

If you continue having trouble with linking your FACEIT and Winline account please contact FACEIT Support

Why can’t I claim a free bet prize? 

Free bet prizes are issued in accordance with Winline rules and requirements. Free bets are entitled to eligible 18+ players and Russian Passport holders. 

In the event you meet the above criteria, however, ineligible for free bets, prizes will be issued as FACEIT points. 

Please note, you are still able to make deposits and place bets on Winline. 

Why can’t I see the mission after I joined? 

Winline Missions are only eligible for users who are 18+ and Russian Passport holders. 

If you meet the above criteria, the mission may not be visible due to technical issues. Please refresh the page or log out and log back into your account to see if the mission appears.

Why is my drop no longer in my orders? 

FACEIT drops are available for claiming within the stated time period on received notifications. Please ensure to claim your FACEIT drops prizes before the expiry date. 

Why is my account disconnected? 

Account disconnection could be due to security measures, such as suspicious activity or breaches, or technical issues.

Attempt to log in again, ensuring you're using the correct credentials.

If you're unable to reconnect, contact customer support for assistance in resolving the disconnection issue and accessing your account.

When will I receive my free bet? 

Users are required to complete the assigned tasks within the mission for prizes. In order to be eligible for a free bet users must comply with Winline rules and requirements and complete the assigned tasks. 

My Steam account won’t link? 

Each Steam account can only be linked to "Integrations" on one FACEIT account. If you're faced with this error, it means that the Steam ID you are attempting to link is already associated with a different FACEIT account.

Please contact our Community Support team to help you with account recovery.

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