FPS drops / input lag issues

If you are experiencing FPS drops or input lag in CS2 while using the Anti-Cheat, this may be caused by another application which interacts with the game.

If you have an AMD CPU, please read this support article.

If you are running the FACEIT Client and enabled Highlights, please first try to disable them in the Highlight settings, restart the FACEIT Client and check if this solves the issue.

The AC will automatically start the game with -allow_third_party_software, so this means that any 3rd party overlays will work, while they would be blocked by default by the game if you don't use the AC.

You can test if this problem is caused by a 3rd party application by adding -allow_third_party_software to your CS2 launch options, and testing without the Anti-Cheat. If you do not have the issue while doing that, please do the following tests:

  • Do not queue for any FACEIT match
  • Start the AC and the game
  • Play on a non-FACEIT server, e.g. Deathmatch
  • Check if you have the issue here

and also:

  • In Windows search box, type msconfig and open System Configuration
  • Click on the Services tab, tick Hide all Microsoft services, select Disable all, then tick back Steam Client Service and FACEITService.
  • Click on the Startup tab, click on Open Task Manager
  • Click on the Startup tab of the Task Manager
  • Select each Startup item and click Disable
  • Reboot your PC
  • Play a FACEIT match with only FACEIT AC, Steam and CS2open, close everything else
  • Check if you still have the issue

Open a support ticket with the result of these two tests.


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