Digital Cosmetics

What are they?

Profile Cards are a new way of customising your FACEIT experience, allowing you to showcase your individuality next to fellow players. You can now purchase custom backgrounds to equip your Profile Card. 

Profile Cards are visible across multiple areas of the platform, including the Play page & User Collections which is a new feature under your Profile. More features for you to showcase your Profile Card will be coming out soon!

How can I purchase them?

You can purchase Profile Cards either with FACEIT Points or your preferred payment method. Cards can be equipped from the moment of purchase.

Some Profile Cards may be region-locked and will not be purchasable outside your location.

How can I view and equip them?

Quick Equip - directly after purchase by pressing ‘Equip profile card’ on the confirmation screen.

Full Equip - via User Collections on the Profile by pressing the Edit button

Refund policy

You can find our refund policy for Digital Items here

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