Fortnite Issues and Disputes Procedure

There are multiple ways to request help from FACEIT staff and the admins for all of our events on the platform. Please be sure to use the correct path of communication based on your issue, this way we can ensure to provide you with the fastest and most effective support.


In the event of any urgent questions or issues during an ongoing event, please click the “Contact Admin” button in the middle of your FACEIT match room. Any player can perform this action.

Once an admin is called please watch the FACEIT match room chat located on the right side of the page, there a member of the admin team will enter to assist you. All communication regarding the specific matter must be carried out in the chat unless instructed otherwise by the admin.

Examples of issues; reporting an opponent for breaking the rules, reporting connection or server issues, and requesting your team to be forfeited.


If you have any general questions or issues regarding our on the platform, feel free to join our official UEFN Discord server. There you can directly contact the admins and issues can be looked into. Additionally, you will be able to meet members of our community, share ideas and feedback as well as look for teammates!

Examples of issues - Questions about upcoming or past events, questions about platform use, and shared suggestions.

Additionally, our Discord provides news and updates about all of our FACEIT Fortnite.


Issues regarding accounts can only be resolved via our FACEIT Customer Support. You can find help articles or open up a support ticket and talk to one of our agents.

Examples of issues - 2 Factor Authentication issues, password resets, paid subscriptions or refunds.

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