How to join a Fortnite tournament

Once a FACEIT account has been created and a Fortnite account has been successfully connected, you can compete in tournaments on the platform.


Navigate to a tournament you would like to join, Fortnite Tournaments can be found here. Under the “Overview” tab you will be able to see an outline of the tournament, entry requirements as well as prizes.

To join, press the orange “Join Tournament” button on the right of the page. If the button is greyed out, please double-check to check you have the game registered with your Fortnite account and review the entry requirements for the tournament.

Once joined, you will have the option to select a premade team that you have already created or get an invite link.

If a premade team you have made is selected, you will have the option to select the team Captain and members that you want to compete. You can edit this up until the registration close time.

If links are shared, players who click on the link will automatically be signed up to your lineup for the tournament.

Please note - All players, regardless of join method, need to meet the entry requirements and have their accounts properly linked.

For some events, you will need to check in before the start of a tournament. This varies but is clearly defined in the “Overview Tab”. If you do not check in on time you will get automatically removed from the event.


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