How to join a Fortnite match

While competing on the platform, we advise you to keep the FACEIT website open to avoid missing key notifications and match information.

The match will be on the corresponding code in order to access it. This normally occurs as soon as a tournament starts and a bracket is created or, depending on the format of the event, when an opponent has been found.

You can access your match by introducing the map code.

Due to this process being manually report, we strongly advise all players to keep their FACEIT match pages open throughout all the pre-game formalities. This ensures everyone is aware of the stage the match and how long they have to connect to the in-game lobby. This is to avoid players missing vital stages of the pre-game process as once started it cannot be paused.

Once the Match Room starts, these can vary depending on the format of the event. Please check out our vetoes guide for a detailed overview as well as examples of how the process works.

For the first game, the captain of the left side must invite the opposing team to the same room to complete the 8 players.

The creator of the lobby shall set the privacy of the lobby to private

The server must be configured by the lobby host and must be in NA East

For the next game the captain on the right side should create the lobby with the same configuration and following the rules

In the event of any issues or disputes, please use the “Contact Admin” button located in the middle of your match room. More info regarding disputes can be found here.

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