Contacting live support from a CS2 match

At FACEIT, a team of trained volunteers is prepared and eager to assist you with any issues that arise during live matches. Keep reading to learn how to get in touch with them.

Who is eligible to reach out to live support?

Only the team captain is authorised to contact live support. Having multiple users reach out to different admins for varying solutions could create further problems.

Users with a premium subscription are given priority for captain status.

How do I contact live support? 

In the match lobby, select the three dots positioned at the upper right corner of the matchroom.

On the following popup, press ‘Support’.

If you're seeking assistance with an ongoing issue and want to read up on other concerns or submit a ticket to our community support team, click on 'Go to FACEIT support'. For real-time live issues, click on 'Live Chat'.

You will see a popup in the bottom right corner. This box will contain the conversation with our live support and state which position in the queue you’re at. The support staff will get to your message as quickly as they can, although this may be delayed slightly during peak times.


One of our trained staff will help you as best they can.


Please bear in mind that reporting issues like cheating and griefing should be done using the !report feature in-game or within the matchroom after the game has ended.

Live chat primarily focuses on providing assistance with server-related problems.

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