Joining CS2 tournaments

FACEIT offers a wide variety of official and third-party tournaments for all types of users, read on to find out how to go about joining one.

How to participate in a tournament

To begin finding a tournament to join, you need to visit the tournament dashboard page.

This page will present you with a comprehensive list of ongoing, upcoming, and recently launched tournaments. You have various options to filter the list from the region, skill levels, anti-cheat status and much more.

You'll find filters at the top of the page to help you locate the specific type of tournament you wish to join. Click on 'Filters' for more options.


Once you’ve found a tournament you or your friends wish to join, click on the name of the tournament. On the right side of the screen, you'll find the options available for entering the tournament.

Joining with a Party: If you wish to compete with your friends, you can form a temporary group by clicking 'Create party'

Joining with a Team: Alternatively, if you've already established a team with a designated roster, name, banner, avatar, and more, you can opt for this mode

Joining as a Solo Player: Should you desire to engage in the tournament as an individual, selecting this option allows you to sign up solo. The system will then match you with other individuals seeking the same experience. This offers a fantastic opportunity to establish friendships. By choosing this route, you enter a queue for team matching.


Once you’re happy with your selection, press ‘Join tournament’.

Important things to consider

  • Rosters for parties and teams can only be modified by leaving the tournament after joining.
  • The check-in privilege is reserved for the team captain.
  • It's crucial to note that failure to complete the check-in process 30 minutes before the tournament's scheduled commencement will lead to your team's removal from the tournament.
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