How do the map veto work in league matches?

The map veto for league matches will take place in the match room at the planned time of the match after the server veto. The veto for the league match can only be done by league team captains.

The Veto Format follows the ESL’s veto format from the EPT rulebook:

The higher-seeded team will be decided randomly for regular season matches, and they determine if they will be Team A or Team B. Team A starts the process, and the order of the ban/pick is as follows:

  1. Team A removes one map.

  2. Team B removes two maps.

  3. Team A removes two maps.

  4. Team B removes one map.

  5. The remaining map will be played.

A knife round determines the starting sides on the map.


Each team will have a 1-minute timer for each veto action (i.e., ban or pick), and that includes the selection of Team A/Team B. Your team’s action timer will begin counting down when the map veto begins (if you are Team A) or your opponent has completed their current part of the veto process.

Once a team’s timer hits zero, they can no longer perform the current action, which will be decided randomly.

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