How do I schedule my league matches?

All league matches will be scheduled to the division’s default time and date.

Below is a how-to-guide on rescheduling your League matches.

  1. You must be logged in and must be the league team captain.

  2. Go to the league page overview.

  3. Once you are on the league page, you should see a “View Details” button beside each generated match. Click on one of the matches, and it will bring you to the match room.

  4. On the match room, you should see a “Reschedule” button; click it to create a reschedule proposal.

  5. Once you’ve clicked “Reschedule”, a new window will be shown where you need to select the desired day and then the time you would like to play during the selected day.
    Note: The days and times available to offer will be highlighted. They should mirror your conference’s rescheduling restrictions. The times shown on the rescheduling tool reflect the timezone selected on your FACEIT profile.

  6. Once you have selected the new date and time, you can confirm and send the proposal by clicking the “Reschedule Match” button.

  7. Now that your reschedule proposal has gone through, your opponents can accept or counteroffer your proposal. If none of the proposals will be accepted, the match will be played on the default date & time.

Once the reschedule proposal is accepted and you would like to reschedule the match again, please agree with your opponent on the match room chat and use the Call Admin feature to get the match rescheduled.

Please note that the league team captain is responsible for preventing the overlap of multiple league matches and situations where the league team has to forfeit their match. We advise to schedule the matches at least 2 hours apart.

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