How to report a player for smurfing / multi-account

From their account

If you suspect a user of smurfing or having a second active account, please navigate to their profile, and press the three dots at the top right and then click on ‘Report’.


Select ‘Multiple Accounts or Smurfing’. On the following screen, enter the nickname of their secondary account or an account you believe might be, and click ‘Submit Report’.


Our Support staff will personally investigate your report and take action if a violation of our rules is detected.

From a ticket

If you suspect someone of having more than two accounts or you have direct links to a user’s multiple accounts, then please submit a ticket to our staff to investigate. You must only report players you've played against, we do NOT ALLOW witch-hunting. 

Choose the contact reason ‘Report Player/Smurfing Multiple Account’.


Under ‘Reported Player’ enter the user’s main account’.


In the section, ‘Description’, include links to the user’s other accounts, as well as any proof you may have they are directly related in the form of text, videos or images.

Once happy you’ve been as detailed as possible, press ‘Submit.


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