How to report abuse during a match

Abuse reporting has come a long way since FACEIT’s initiation, combining user reports and machine learning, we’re now in a strong position to combat the problem face on.

FACEIT Justice and our wonderful judges can be activated to investigate abuse from a teammate with or without the overlay by following the steps below.

Without the overlay

Type !report to begin the process, a screen will appear listing the players on your team. 


Press the corresponding number of the player you wish to report, followed by the number matching the reason you’re reporting them on the following menu.


Clips will then be generated for the judges of FACEIT Justice to vote on. The user will then be issued a cooldown if the majority agree with your opinion.

With the overlay

Press ‘Alt + j’ to open the overlay round report system to see a list of the players on your team.


Click on the person you wish to report, then the reason.


As without the overlay version, the user will also be sent to FACEIT Justice to be dealt with. 



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