How to report a cheater

At FACEIT we strive to offer players a clean environment to participate in and as such take cheating very seriously. Reporting cheaters on FACEIT can be done in a few ways, see below to find out more.

In the match room

After the match has ended there will be a thumbs up and down next to the name of each player. Press the thumbs down arrow to bring up the different reporting options.


Press ‘Cheating’  and then add a few notes in the report section so we have a clear understanding of what you’re reporting.

Via a ticket

NOTE: Community Support does NOT issue cheating bans under any circumstances and any reports that pass the eye test shall be forwarded to the Anti-cheat team. 

Tickets submitted to our support team MUST contain the following information if you want our agents to spend their time investigating the matter:

  1. Matchroom link
  2. The username of the player
  3. Specific rounds for us to look into. For example:

Round 5: At 56 seconds the user tracked a player through the wall

Round 11: At 34 seconds the player did a 180% headshot on the kill leader

Agents will then submit the demo for review with the AC team. This process can take weeks and they will be unable to provide any further information on the progress of the investigation. 

What happens if a user I report is banned for cheating?

You should receive a notification as shown below, stating the user has been banned. Their last 50 victories will have their Elo returned to the losing team.



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