How to Join a Match



Once the match is created you will see in the middle of the match room a grayed-out field with the words "Hidden" and a "Copy" option. This contains the code that you use to be able to connect to a Custom Match from within the game. Once you copy this code and paste it into the Custom field within the game you will be automatically connected to the in-game lobby with the rest of your team and your opponents.



In-Game Steps to Join the Lobby

  1. Once your game loads press the "Play" button.
  2. Navigate to the "Join Custom" option.
  3. Then on the right click on the "Trophy" icon.
  4. Paste the "Tournament Code" from the match room in the blank field on the pop-up.
  5. Press the "Join" button.
  6. GLHF!!

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Things to remember:

These are just a few things you need to remember when playing on FACEIT.

  • What if the players' names in the game don't match the names in the FACEIT match room?
    • Summoner names in the game can be different than what is shown in the match room pages. This just means that the player has not yet updated their Summoner Name on their FACEIT account after changing it in the game. ONLY the players who have the code from the match room can join the in-game Custom Lobby.
    • You can update your Summoner Name on FACEIT, head to this Support article to learn how to do this.
  • What if I get an error from the code I have pasted into the Join Lobby?
    • Make sure you are joining from the correct LoL game account. If you try to join a EUN game with your EUW game account you won't be able to join. Know which Region you are playing from if you switch back and forth between the two games on our platform. 
  • What side should we be on in the lobby?
    • Sides are given according to the match room player/teams on the left side of the room page must be on the left side in the room in-game as well, and visa versa.




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