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We are trying something different with LoL Monthly Ladders. We are going for an ultra-casual grind your way to the top kind of ladder where almost anyone and everyone can make it to the Master Ladder. How long it takes you to get there is dependent on two factors:

  1. How well you play the game and win cause the more you win the faster you rank up
  2. How many games do you play on the platform, if you are even an average player with a 40-50% win rate you can still get to the Master Ladder before the end of the month. 

The structure of the Monthly ladder allows you to work your way up while earning FACEIT points for every progression along the way. Some of these FACEIT points are allocated for Premium users only though, so if you want to earn it all feel free to support us and we will reward you.

The Master Ladder at the end though is open to everyone to win. 


Division Ranks Win Points Loss Points Points to Rank Up
Bronze 3 20 5 50
Bronze 2 20 5 50
Bronze 1 20 5 50
Silver 3 20 -3 50
Silver 2 20 -3 50
Silver 1 20 -3 50
Gold 3 20 -5 50
Gold 2 20 -5 50
Gold 1 20 -5 50
Diamond 3 20 -7 50
Diamond 2 20 -10 50
Diamond 1 20 -15 50
Master 20 -20 Starting 1000 Points

* As you rank up through the divisions you will realize that you are working towards a more competitive version of the game and once you get to the Master League you need to be at your best to win!!


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