Update Your Summoner Name


As you all know everyone likes to change their names in the game. Well, now you can make sure your Summoner name is always updated on FACEIT in the match room pages as well!!! No more confusion about if you are the right person to join the match or not. 


In no way does this remove the current LoL game account that is linked to your FACEIT account.


Step One

First things first you need to make sure you are signed into the correct region account so head on over to your Integrations Settings and remove the current RIOT account that is linked. Then add the proper one back that you want to change. 

Example: If you want to change your EUN account make sure you sign into your EUN RIOT account when adding back the integration.




Step Two

The second step is to check out your Game Settings tab in your profile and simply click on the Refresh Nickname button located beside the game you want to have the new nickname on. 

Example: Make sure you hit refresh on the EUN nickname button or it will update to your nickname in EUW as well :D




If you need to update your EUW account as well just follow the steps again, signing into your EUW Summoner account.

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