Match balance indicator

What is the Balance Indicator?

The Balance Indicator serves as a visual representation that provides insights into the win probabilities of each team within a match room on FACEIT. This feature acts as a gauge of match balance, offering information about how evenly matched the game is. For instance, when both teams possess a 50% win probability, it signifies a perfectly balanced, with both sides having an equal chance of victory.

How is the Balance indicator calculated?

The Balance Indicator's information and the win probabilities for each team are determined through the evaluation of the 'Team Rating.' This rating reflects the perceived strength of a team by the system; the higher the team rating, the stronger the team is regarded.

Is the Team Rating equivalent to the average Elo/Skill level of the teams?

No. The Team Rating is instead a score that is calculated by taking into account several characteristics of both teams and players. The current version of the Team rating takes into account: 

  • The skill levels of the players within each team.
  • The composition of the teams, considering whether they consist of individual players or a full team stack.
  • The number of matches played by each player.
  • The variance in skill levels among the players.

Why is the Balance Indicator and Team Rating significant?

When a game finishes, the ELO won or lost for each team is based on the probability they had to win that match prior to playing. 

For example, if you win a match where your team is considered the favourite, your skill rating will increase by a lower amount compared to winning a perfectly balanced match. 

Similarly, winning a match in which your team was considered less likely to win will result in a larger ELO increase compared to a match that was ideally balanced.


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