Joining the FACEIT League

Disclaimer: Tournaments x League.

It’s important to mention that there’s a technical difference between joining a Tournament and a League. The main difference is that Tournaments last way shorter than a League and thus Teams last shorter because they only last for a Competition (Tournament or League).
If you are looking on information on how to Join a OW2 Tournament such as our daily collection of “Competitive - Elimination” tournaments, we recommend you go over this article


To join a league team, you must be invited by the team captain and join the permanent team used to register for the league.

As a Team Captain

  1. Add the player you want to invite to your friend list. For help, refer to Add a friend article.
  2. Go to the permanent team Settings
  3. Click on the Add Members button
  4. Select the player through the list and Add Member
  5. SUCCESS! The player has been invited to the permanent team.

As a Player

  1. After being invited, you will receive a notification on your FACEIT profile and invitation to the permanent team,
  2. Accept the invitation,
  3. You are now a part of the permanent team and can join its league team.

Trouble in any step of this process? 

Reach us out in the FACEIT Overwatch 2 Discord channel

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