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How do I add a friend?

  • Search your friend's name in the search bar on the main menu bar, located at the top left beside our main logo.


  • Please ensure you are picking the correct friend when searching for them.
  • The search function will give you a full list of all the players with this specific name and also usernames containing additional characters before/after the name you have searched.
  • If you do not see your friends name in the drop-down list please click on the "See all" to go to our main search page


  • Once you have located your friend just click on their name and it will take you to their public FACEIT profile page.
  • From their profile, you can then just click on the "Add Friend" button, which is located on the right-hand side of their profile on the main background image.



  • You will then see this button change to "Request Sent".
  • This means that it is now up to your friend to accept the "Friend" request from their end.
  • They will then see the "Friends" icon illuminate with one friend request.


  • If you have multiple friends requests the number will in turn increase.
  • Your friend must now accept your request by clicking on the "Friends" icon and then choose the "Confirm" or "Not Now" option.


  • Once they have accepted the request you will then see on your "World" icon with an orange number "1" indicating you have an update to your account.
  • Clicking on this you will see a notification of the acceptance of your friend request.


When I search for my friend they do not show up?

If you search your friend and they are not showing up it is for these reasons.

  • You are searching their name with an incorrect spelling(e.g. happy instead of h4ppy), ensure your friend has given you the proper spelling of their FACEIT profile name.
  • You are searching their in-game name which could be different than the name they have chosen for their FACEIT profile name.

If you still can not find each other then we recommend going to your Public Profile by clicking your name on the top right corner.


  • You will then be redirected to your Public Profile.
  • Then just simply copy-paste the URL in your browser search bar to your friend through in-game chat or steam chat or any other form of a chat system.
  • They can then go to your profile and request you to be their friend.




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