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What is FACEIT watch?

FACEIT Watch is our premier esports viewing platform, offering you unique features to enhance and customise your viewing experience. Whether you prefer to focus solely on your favourite player or mute the caster, FACEIT Watch enables you to consume esports content catered to your unique viewing preferences.

How can I access FACEIT Watch?

Viewing access is available to everyone! Logged-in users can enjoy additional benefits, including access to extra streams. Logged-in users can even enjoy additional benefits, including access to extra streams. Premium users receive the use of exclusive coloured names in the chat!

How do I sign up for a FACEIT account?

Sign up for a FACEIT account here: 

How can I view multiple Points of View (POVs)?

By clicking the POV selector buttons below the video player! This feature is only available if you are logged in to your FACEIT account.

Is an active subscription required to watch multiple POVs?

A subscription is not required to access multiple POVs. However, having an active subscription grants you the added perk of enjoying fancy-name colours!

How do I access the schedule for upcoming matches?

On FACEIT Watch you can also find the schedule for the upcoming matches that we will be broadcast. You can drill down into Counter-Strike’s schedule here, and Apex Legends’ schedule here.

How can I change to a different match?

Click on the 'matches' menu located on the left-hand side.

Can I watch multiple matches at the same time?

You can only watch one match at a time and can switch between them using the sidebar.

How do I watch highlights?

While watching a live match, when a highlight occurs, it will be highlighted in the chat. You can also browse all the highlights for the match you’re watching in the ‘highlights’-menu in the bottom right.

Can I earn drops by watching through FACEIT Watch?

Certainly! Every logged-in user actively watching the live stream is eligible to receive FACEIT Drops.

Can I change the language on FACEIT Watch?

Unfortunately, we do not offer dedicated language streams at the moment.

Can I turn off the caster audio?

While watching a POV stream, you have the option to choose it as your audio source. From there, you can toggle the caster audio on or off according to your preference by clicking the cog wheel at the bottom right of the stream and selecting Sound.

Can I use FACEIT watch on mobile?

While native app support is not available, we do provide mobile web support with a user experience that is optimised for mobile devices.

My stream is lagging, what can I do?

We would love to assist you in troubleshooting if you are experiencing connectivity issues. To submit a debug log, please follow these instructions:

  • Enable Akamai Pragma headers
  • Save the HAR file
  • Location and time when the issue happens
  • Upload the HAR file somewhere via a support ticket 

Pragma headers and HAR instructions:

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