Creating a hub

Creating a Hub is super simple. Just head over to the “Competitions” section in the main navigation on FACEIT and click on the “+Join or Create” button.


Main settings & Join settings

You’ll find all the basics and customization of your Hub here. You can change the name of your hub, add a description and adjust the join settings.


A Hub can be as open or closed as you want. Here you’ll find the ability to restrict access to your Hub based on your criteria.

It could be a public or private Hub. You can even allow users to apply to your Hub and let you review their applications. It’s all up to you.

Roles & permissions


You can assign different roles to every user in your Hub. You can recruit your own team of administrators and allow them to help you with the day to day tasks in your Hub.

Queue & match settings

A Hub without a Queue is not a Hub! The main purpose is to engage your users to drive them to play. You’ll be equipped to customize the queue and match settings to any popular game mode you can think of.


You can make your Hub a 1v1 experience, or if you like, allow only teams to queue in the Hub to play. Once a Queue is created, players will be able to Queue up by pressing the Play button at the top right corner in your Hub. Remember, you can only create one queue per Hub today.

Queue permissions


Choose what roles are allowed to perform certain actions in the queue. Are you allowing everyone in your Hub to queue? Perhaps you want to allow your administrators to close the Queue when the game servers are down for maintenance.



Draft your rules and publish them to your Hub. If you decide to create more Hubs, you can re-use your rules between them.



Create a season to mark a campaign or period of time where you want to make the players battle for the best position.

You can easily choose the ranking system you want to reward players differently depending on their win streak or perhaps you want to make a loss really hurt the player.

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