How to run your own PUBG MOBILE Tournament using FACEIT

Tournament Setting Page

  • This is the first view of the tournament setting page, at the left of the page you will see the panel with all the sections to configure the tournament, at the right will display the option for each setting section.

Right Panel

Left Panel


General Section
➜ Control panel
  ▹ Status of the tournament (from created to finished)
  ▹ Enable auto-launch, and publish the tournament.
➜ Details
  ▹Tournament name
  ▹Description of the tournament
➜ Join
  ▹Requirements options to join the tournament
➜ Screening
➜ Team
➜ Prizes
  ▹Prizes can be FACEIT Points or custom
➜ Rules
  ▹Rulebook of the tournament
➜ Chat
  ▹Tournament chat for all signup teams/players

Structure section
➜ Schedule
  ▹Slots, Rounds
  ▹Sign-up open and close date
➜ Check-in
  ▹Open date/time
  ▹Purge open date/time
➜ Queue
  ▹Open date/time
  ▹Matching starts
  ▹Close date/time

Match configuration section
➜ Game
  ▹All settings about the matches, game mode, server and so on
➜ Round
  ▹Individual setting for each round

➜ The join sections have these available options
  ▹Require invitation
  ▹Limit by skill level
  ▹Limit by region
  ▹Limit by country
  ▹Require subscription to join
  ▹Require a verified email address


A brief description of the options available on this page:

  Slots: the amount of teams/players who can join in the tournament.
  Rounds: number of rounds you can set for the tournament, the system can adjust this automatically depending on the number of teams/players in the tournament.
  Custom delimiter: this option is to configure the groups and how many advances in each one. By clicking on this button, you will be able to fully customize the structure and build it the way you want it.
  Sign-up opens: this is the specific date/time when the tournament receives registrations from the players.
  Sign-up closes: this is the specific date/time when the tournament stops receiving any kind of registrations from the players.
  Below you can set the time/date for each round, in case every round of the tournament will be played on the same day you can set the date/time to “ASAP”.


A brief description of the options available on this page: 

  Map pick mode: could be Ordered or Random. The first option will take the map list and set every match in the same order you select the maps (the map list depends on the number of matches you in Games to play/win). To respect your map rotation, you will also need to put “PICK” under Votable maps for each map.
  Games to play/win: the number of matches for each round, from 1 match to 10, this option is also known as “Best of”.
  Server region: this is the server available for this game, also the integration has a feature to select the better server in-game (for example if North America have 5 servers available in-game the system calculates the average ping between all players and selects the best server) this option is named fair ping.
  FPP Enabled: in case you put this option in 1 all the matches will be played in first person, players can’t have the ability to change to third person if they want.
  Map: full list of maps available for the tournament, you can select all if you want, depending on what settings you want.

A brief description of the options available on this page: 

  Votable maps: as mentioned above, if you want to have an Ordered map rotation, you will have to put “PICK” for each map, as shown in the picture.
  Time to connect: the amount of time they have to enter the lobby when players enter the lobby will see the countdown from 5 minutes, but in case all players enter the lobby this one will start immediately.

The following options are related to the in-game configuration of the match, for example, the drop rate of weapons, ammo, equipment and so on.


Other types of configurations are also available in addition to the drop rates:

  Vague information: when you enable this option players can’t see who made the recent kill, this is to avoid players trying to focus on one team.
  Sound visualization: this shows in the minimap an icon when a player makes a sound, like footsteps or shots.
  Also, you can change the behaviour of the play zone make it faster or slower, make it do more or less damage, etc.

  Auto-open Doors: this enables the option in-game to open doors when a player is near one.
  Auto Pick-up: this enables the option in-game to pick up items when the player is near them.
  At the end you will see the point distribution table, this could be custom or you can use the official distribution from any Krafton Rulebook.


  In this section, you can set a specific setting for each round or use the general setting from the “Game” section. It can be useful to change one round specifically if it’s a grand final for instance, and you want to change the map's rotation or to bring variety in your tournament.
  Also, have the option to reset the round setting.
  Note that you can change this while the tournament is in progress only if the round has not started yet.

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