How to get started running PUBG MOBILE Tournaments on FACEIT?

  • After logging in and connecting PUBG MOBILE to your account, go to the “PLAY” tab at the top left of the page.

On this page, you will have a new panel at the left. You can see the game you already selected with your game account and the options to explore and create Tournaments, HUBs and Teams.

  • To create a new tournament just click on the “+” icon at the right of the 'Tournaments' section.

  • The next window shows the list of organizers you already have. In case you don’t have any, you can create a new one or select yourself as the organizer.

By selecting “Create new organizer” a new window will open and you can assign the name of your new organizer.

  • After that, you can repeat the previous steps to select your new organizer to create the new tournament.

  • These are all the options you have to set the base of the tournament:
    1. Choose a name for the tournament
    2. Choose the available game from a list
    3. Select your game's region. Currently, 'Global' is the only option for PUBG MOBILE although you can still restrict it to certain countries at a later point.
    4. Choose the tournament format available for the game: Single Elimination* (FFA) or League Format* (FFA)
    5. Game modes available for the game: solo, duo, squad.

  • After adding and selecting the correct data just click on the “CREATE TOURNAMENT”  button, wait a few seconds and you will be forwarded to the tournament setting page.

*Single elimination (FFA): in each round a number of players/teams will advance to the next round. You can set the number of teams that will advance in the setting of the tournament.

*League Format (FFA): players/teams will play an X amount of rounds to obtain points, this format doesn’t have any elimination. You can set the amount of rounds in the setting of the tournament.

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