FACEIT CS2 Elo and skill levels

What is a Skill Level?

Skill levels are directly linked to Elo ratings, which span from 100 to infinity and serve as a reflection of a player's perceived skill and game knowledge. The idea behind pairing players with similar Elo ratings is to create evenly matched-games.

The brackets of Elo differ depending on the game but skill levels range from 1.png to  10.png. The Challenger rank is achieved by the top 1000 players at level 10.

challenger.png Challenger Top 1,000
10.png Level 10 2001 +
9.png Level 9 1751 - 2000
8.png Level 8 1531 - 1750 
7.png Level 7 1351 - 1530
6.png Level 6 1201 - 1350
5.png Level 5 1051 - 1200
4.png Level 4 901 - 1050
3.png Level 3 751 - 900
2.png Level 2 501 - 750
1.png Level 1 100 - 500


The Elo WIdget is a visually engaging and interactive element located on the matchmaking page or a player's profile. It displays the player’s current Elo, level and a progress bar indicating how close they are to the next rank or their status within the top 1000 players.

Skill Level 1-9

Players below level 10 will see their current level and Elo. The progress bar will indicate how close they are to the next skill level.

Skill Level 10

Players who are SL10, but below Challenger Rank will see their current Elo, and their current rankings both in their home country and in their region.

Challengers (Top 1000)

Players in the Top 1000 will see the Elo of the number one player and how far back they are in comparison.  

How is Elo adjusted on FACEIT?

Elo is subject to change through wins and losses in matches on FACEIT, where the amount gained or lost is linked to your team's perceived likelihood of winning. Access to advanced statistics displayed in the graph below requires a Premium or FACEIT Plus subscription.

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