What to do as a team captain in a CS2 lobby

In the lobby

The selection of team captains is chosen at random from among team members with an active premium or FACEIT Plus subscription, or from all players if no premium or plus players are present.

Within the lobby, their responsibility is to attempt to secure the most suitable map and server location for their team.

Captains eliminate servers one at a time, followed by the same with maps until only one is left.


In the match

The first role of a captain is to pick their team's opening side after the conclusion of the knife round. They do this by typing into the chat: ‘!stay’ to start on the side they’re already on, or ‘!switch’, to change sides.

For tournament matches, captains are required to input '!ready' to initiate the start of the match, followed by the standard switch/stay process outlined earlier.

In situations where your server encounters technical difficulties, either captain holds the option to contact live support. Our volunteers will then strive to address the issue and provide a resolution.

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