Premium Monthly Missions

FACEIT missions provide a means for you to earn rewards by accomplishing tasks in any sequence, generally tied to achieving victories in matches.

How can I access missions?

Monthly FACEIT missions require an active premium subscription to unlock. We sometimes offer daily and weekly missions, as well as third-party missions that are accessible to all users.

How do missions work?

Go to your missions tab, choose the campaign you want to select a mission from, then press ‘Select’ on the mission you wish to participate in first. 


If done correctly, the text will change to 'Active' for the chosen mission. You can switch to another mission by selecting 'Change'.


Please take note that only one mission per campaign can be active at a given time, and to obtain the maximum reward, you must successfully complete all missions within the campaign.

If you’ve selected one mission from multiple campaigns, matches won will count towards all of your active missions at the same time, across all campaigns.

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