How and why do I have to verify my identity to receive a payment?

ESEA is following a new Know Your Customer process in order to raise the standards in esports and ensure compliance with various regulatory and 3rd party standards. ESEA has partnered with an experienced third-party, Sum&Substance, to validate your identity. Sum&Substance is an industry leader in online verification, supporting thousands of document types and have verified over 10,000,000 unique identities. You can read more about Sub&Substance and their work, here.

When you have won a cash prize or wish to withdraw money through the referral system on ESEA you will be able to go to the "Identity Verification tab" here in order to verify your identity. You will also receive an ESEA private message with the link. Non Cash prizes such as CS2 skins are not affected and you do not need to verify your identity for those. If you do not have access to the tab and believe that you should then please make a support ticket here for a staff member to enable for you.

The process of verifying your identity is quick and easy. Simply fill out your full name and email address, add a picture of your photo identification and finally a picture of yourself holding your photo identification close to your face. A more in-depth step by step guide is available here.

Players under the age of 16 should have their parent/guardian fill in the section with the parent/guardian's information and photographs, ie none of their own information should be submitted. Their parent/guardian should submit the parent/guardian's name and their photograph.

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