How do I register and play in the ESEA League?

Signing up for the League

Once logged in, please go to the “Leagues” on the left-side navigation of the Play section. To start the registration process, click the “Join League” button at the top of the league page.

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If you are part of a permanent team already registered to a league, you will see the additional window allowing you to join an existing league team or sign-up with another team.


After clicking on the “Join League” button or “Join with another team” option (if you are part of a permanent team with a league team), select the Region and Conference you want to participate in with your team. For example, Europe if you intend on registering for a European League, North America if you wish to register for a North American League, etc. 

Once submitted, you can select the permanent team you want to sign up with or create a new permanent team. You can choose only permanent teams that you are a Captain of.

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When the team is selected, and you click the join button, you can select players, and optionally a coach, that will be added to your league team. You do not have to select all players now; they can join your league team later if they are a part of the permanent team you use for the league.

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After confirming your choices, you will be added to the division in your selected region, and the League Page Overview will now display the most important information.


Registration requirements

Once you sign up for a league, you might still need to fulfill some requirements before you finish registration. The panels on the top of the page will indicate if you need to perform any additional action or fulfill some conditions before the end of the league registration.

Capin NOT READY.png


If your team panel on the League Page says Not Ready, you do not have 5 players with ESEA League Pass subscriptions on your league team. Each player without a needed subscription will see the “Subscription Required” panel. Click on the Subscribe button to start paying for your subscription. Alternatively, you can pay by going here.

Once you have at least 5 players with ESEA League Pass subscription on the league team, you are finished registering your new team, and its status will change to Ready!

Capin READY.png
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