Code of Conduct

At FACEIT, we strive to create an enjoyable, clean, competitive, and respectful environment for all players. To ensure this, we ask that everyone follows our three core principles of gameplay. Together, we can make sure everyone has a great experience!

Maximize your gaming experience on FACEIT by challenging yourself! Push your limits and see how far you can go!

Don’t Flame or Blame- Everyone deserves to be interacted with in a respectful way. 

No matter how you choose to communicate with others - whether it's through voice or text - it's up to you to ensure that your interactions are respectful and appropriate. Don't let yourself be provoked into saying or doing something you'll regret.

  • Don’t harass
  • ❌Don’t abuse 
  • ❌Don’t bully

We do not condone any form of harassment, abusive, vulgar, or derogatory language, nor do we accept bullying of any kind.

  • Treat others with respect
  • ✅Collaborate and communicate to secure victory in your matches
  • ✅Know when and how to cool down (such as taking a 5-10 min break)

Don’t let your competitive spirit get the best of you! Flaming your teammates can have a serious impact on your team’s performance and your chances of winning. Our data shows that players who engage in toxic behaviour have an average win rate that is much much lower than those who don’t. If you’re playing CS2, that is a lot of Elo you’re leaving on the table - so don’t do it!

Don’t Cheat - Progression on FACEIT is gained through positive, clean teamwork.

It's up to you to take ownership of your account and be accountable for how it's used and the actions it takes - no one else!

  • Don’t use 3rd party software
  • ❌Don't take advantage of any glitches or flaws in the system!
  • ❌Don’t engage in activity to gain an unfair advantage
  • ❌Don’t create multiple accounts or share accounts

Violating our standards of integrity will not be tolerated and will result in consequences for your account.

  • Form friendships and come together as a group!
  • Become part of a clan.
  • Engage in effective and positive communication.
  • Protect yourself and your gaming experience by installing Anti-Cheat.

Cheating won’t get you anywhere - it won’t make you better at the game and it could get you into serious trouble. Instead, focus on improving your skill and become a master of the game. You’ll be proud of your accomplishments and have a much more rewarding experience.

Don’t Grief- Become aware of the FACEIT Behavioural Index

Our community's behaviour is reflected in this index, and players will be rewarded or penalized based on their performance.

  • ❌Don’t set about to cause sudden annoyance to others
  • ❌Don’t disrupt the immersion of another player in their gameplay
  • ✅Set aside time for play on a regular basis
  • ✅Gather your squad and join forces with your clan mates
  • ✅If you’re the last player standing - never give up!
  • ✅Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • ✅Lead by example and set the standard 

If you want to succeed in your matches, boost your Elo and make meaningful connections, it's important to avoid going AFK, quitting matches and generally trying to irritate other players. Studies have shown that players who go AFK or quit matches have a much lower win rate and progress at a much slower rate in terms of skill.

Active Action

If you violate this Code of Conduct, there will be consequences. Depending on the severity of your actions, the repercussions could range from a warning to a permanent ban. To learn more about the potential consequences of breaking this Code of Conduct, please click here-

We are committed to providing a positive gaming experience for all players. To ensure this, we have implemented measures to combat any behavior that violates our code of conduct. We urge you to use the in-game support tools to report any players who are not adhering to these standards. Together, we can ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

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