How do I become a partner organizer?

The FACEIT Partnership Program is offered exclusively to Organizers that strongly impact the community. Partner Organizers always uphold community values that engage players and create high quality experiences when hosting competitions on FACEIT.

What are the factors that come into play when evaluating a potential Partner Organizer?

If you are not yet an active Organizer on FACEIT

  • Your current role within the community (influencer, community league, esports organization, recognizable brand)
  • Past and current content production experience (competitions in particular) within the community
  • Size of following within the community (social media following, live streaming, video content)
  • Relevance within a certain region’s/country’s/game’s community.
  • Size of the organization/project

If you are already an Organizer on FACEIT

  • Size of historic and current active players’ involvement in your competitions
  • Level of community engagement on/beside the FACEIT platform
  • Size of the organization/project (number of admins, moderators)
  • Relevance of the Organizer within a specific game/region/country
  • Community reputation


If you think you have what it takes to be a FACEIT Partner, APPLY HERE!

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