FACEIT Partner Program

The FACEIT Partnership Program aims to provide immediate and valuable long-term support

for the most successful Organizers within the community.

What does an Organizer get from the Partnership Program?

  • Receive direct financial support from the community. Every Organizer Partner is assigned an Organizer Subscription. Players can subscribe from the Organizer’s page, tournament, or Hub to gain access and to support the Organizer.
  • Access to work closely with our Partnership team, which can provide you with experience and valuable support to grow your presence in the field: Competition design, marketing activities, sponsorship deals, exclusive product features, and much more.
  • Access to exclusive product features on the FACEIT platform such as:
    • No limit on how many competitions you can create and run simultaneously
    • Donation widget to allow appreciation from your community
    • Custom emojis
    • Subscriber badge for your most loyal supporters
    • Subscriber-only tournaments
    • Subscriber-only Hubs
    • Ability to give subscribers additional chat permissions and competitions (i.e. captain priority in the Hub queue, tracking on ‘subscribers only’ Hub leaderboards, and much more)


If you are interested in the program, this article explains how to access the FACEIT Partnership Program

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