The FACEIT Behavior Index

The FACEIT Behavioural Index is an index that represents the general behaviour of every member of our community and based on this index, players will be rewarded or penalised accordingly.

Historical FBI values and Last Three Matches Indicator

As soon as you conclude your first match you will see an indicator on the profile of your recent behaviour (last three matches) after five matches you will see your Historical FBI. This index serves to show the historical behaviour of a player on the platform.

The evolution of the index is determined by an advanced algorithm that continuously receives information from several data sources like post-match reports and..

Based on the nature of this information the index will adjust in the following way:

  • The index has a base of 1,000
  • Positive reports will cause the player's index to go up
  • Negative reports will cause the player's index to go down
  • Matches concluded without getting any reports push the index toward 1000

The table below will help to understand the scale the index is set to. 

  •    <750                 Really really bad
  •    750-850           Bad
  •    850-950           Poor
  •    950 -1050        Fair
  •    1050-1150       Good
  •    1150 - 1250     Excellent
  •    >1250               Super star

One potential issue of a system that delivers actions relying entirely on a historical index only, would be the lack of reaction in the short term whenever players show a temporary behavior change of a certain type. Therefore the system will take into account the average behavior of players recorded in the past three matches to deliver warnings or a cooldown.


On your profile, together with the FBI index, there will also be an indication available regarding how the platform and its community evaluated your behaviour in the past three matches.

Why does the system not show when a player has been banned for this abuse?

We believe that a player's suspension for this type of unsportsmanlike conduct does not warrant visual shame to their account as this does not reflect the player's attitude on our platform at all times. Therefore we do not visually show a player's temporary suspension to their account for these types of infractions. 

This however does not mean that a player is not immune from being given a visual ban for repeated violations of our policies and as such sometimes you will also see visual Login bans for "repeat infractions" based on other circumstances as well.


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