FACEIT League Pass

Prerequisite to play on the League

In order to be able to compete in the FACEIT League, whether it be Masters or Lower Division, all members must purchase a FACEIT League Pass.

IMPORTANT: For Masters Division Season 1, FACEIT League Pass purchase is not necessary

Acquiring FACEIT League Pass

Over the FACEIT League page, where you can check your team status, click Subscribe and it’ll head you over to the payment procedure and all methods available.

Once payment procedures has completed, you’ll have the League Pass and fulfil this requirement to join the FACEIT League

Requesting a Refund of the FACEIT League Pass

FACEIT offers refunds within the following circumstances:

  • Duplicate payments, e.g. if someone has used multiple payment methods and managed to set up two subscriptions for the same FACEIT account.
  • Inactive players who have forgotten to cancel their renewal agreement and who contacted us within 7 days of the renewal date.
  • Inactive regions where lack of a critical mass of players means players may struggle to find a game (as long as you have not successfully played a game).
  • Rare long standing technical issues. For example, if a player is unable to play for a significant period of time due to a rare compatibility issue with their hardware/software that our technical team is unable to diagnose.

Additionally, we cannot downgrade a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to a 1-month subscription through a partial refund.

If you no longer want to use FACEIT League Pass you should cancel your subscription to ensure that Xsolla, PayPal does not keep renewing your account automatically.

To request a refund, you can submit a request. Look for 'Subscriptions' in the Contact Reason and then select 'Refund my subscription'.

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