What is a monitor camera and when to use it

In online competitions, a monitor camera refers to a specific configuration of camera(s) in which players must record and live stream their entire playing area to the administrators. This is done to preserve the integrity of the competition, investigate possible rule violations and impose sanctions when necessary. Although the use of a monitor camera is not mandatory in Call of Duty Challengers cups, administrators have the right to request it to any participant at any time.

If an administrator asks you to perform this procedure, do not panic! Requesting the use of a monitor camera does not mean that you will be penalized immediately for failing to comply with the rules. It is important to cooperate with the administrators to avoid delays in your games and the rest of the cup. A verdict will be issued after the end of the series you are currently playing or when rule breaking actions are detected, whichever comes first.

One way to set up a monitor camera is by using a webcam. However, this may present problems and/or limitations for some users, including but not limited to:

  • Not having a webcam.
  • The webcam's image quality is not good enough.
  • The webcam is built into the monitor or laptop frame.
  • Not having a sufficiently large and stable surface on which to place the laptop (built-in webcams only).
  • Not being able to position the camera correctly because the extension cable is not long enough (external webcams only).

Because of this, we recommend using a smartphone as a monitor camera. This is due to the great versatility these devices offer for this task, including portability, cable-free operation and image quality similar to or better than most webcams, among others.

We have created a comprehensive guide where you can learn the necessary steps to use your smartphone as a monitor camera. You can check it at the following link: How to set up a smartphone as a monitor camera.

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