Creating & setting up your organizer page

Create your organizer page


Every user on FACEIT can create their own organizer page over here:  Create organizer page

Publishing your page

Organizer pages are unpublished on creation. Once you set up your page, you can publish it on the website for everyone to see.

Cover and organizer logo


Make sure that you upload a cover image and add an organizer logo. Supported dimensions are displayed on the upload screen. You can upload images by hovering over the image area and selecting the edit pen icon.

Accessing your organizer page


Your organizer pages can be accessed on the left menu sidebar. Once you add other users to your organizer page, they will also find the organizer page on the side menu.

Adding other users to manage the page

If you have other users to help you manage an organizer page and create competitions, you can manage organizer roles from the organizer settings page. Whenever one of your admins creates a new competition, you are automatically added as Senior Admin to the competition.

Adding social media accounts

To link your community to your existing organizer presence on your website, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch, you can hover over the greyed out icons to edit and add the URLs of relevant accounts.

Creating competitions

You can create competitions by clicking on the ‘+ Create’ action next to the competition headers.

Creating a tournament

Creating a hub

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